Love Quotes Planted By God And Refined By Men

God plants the seeds of love in one when birth takes place. It is then watered, nurtured and made fruitful by man. It blooms in life but should never be allowed to fade away. Strengthen it with compassion, warmth and tenderness. Express your love with Love Quotes and never destroy it. It can never be destroyed, but will be buried deep within the heart when circumstances force it to do so. In this fast world where no one has time for others, it may not surface but will be enclosed within a veneer of indifference. But when suddenly one day the whole scenario changes when one meets someone who attracts you at first sight. Then all the pent up emotions surface and is expressed in many ways as Love Quotes or letters and as is the fashion today through SMS. The same expression of love can be bestowed upon friends and strengthen the bond of friendship. Love Quotes sent to one’s friends revives the feeling of comradeship, comforts them in times of need and above all generates the feeling that there is someone to love you also. On a friendship day just remember your friends and see what a change it makes in your life as well as those friends who had gone down the memory lane.